Lane County Public Health has only received 1,200 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for a population of 382,000.

LANE County, Ore. – Lane County Public Health has only received 1,200 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for a population of 382,000.

Public health official Dr Patrick Luedtke said some of the vaccines have been distributed to other places, such as pharmacies and hospitals, without going through Lane County Public Health first. The authorities accuse this disconnection, as well as the lack of communication from the federal government, of the slowness of the shots.


Luedtke said public health initially felt it would be the distributors of the vaccine.

So when they heard from the government that they were hiring pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens directly, they had to readjust.


“The federal government made the decision. I don’t blame it, but it’s not our decision. That they will have a direct contract with the pharmacies, okay. Who is going to vaccinate long-term care Public health has never taken these vaccines, never touched them, never had anything to do with them. And they made the decision to work with hospitals … so we only took our first doses in public health a week ago, “Luedtke said.

To make matters worse, Luedtke said the county received far fewer doses than initially thought. He said the county received a list each week outlining the number of doses it would receive.

According to the Oregon Health Authority website, only three people are fully vaccinated in Lane County.

As a public health official, he said people expect them to be responsible for making sure everyone is vaccinated and that it is fair and equitable. However, he said it was frustrating because they don’t have the power to do it because some of the vaccines have gone through the big drugstore and hospital chains.

Luedtke said Lane County does not have the vaccines we need.

“The biggest challenges were initially that the federal government knew how it was going to go, and then when we started to understand better, which was probably in late November or early December how it was going to turn out, we had continuous communication needs. understand what vaccine I’m going to get and how we’re going to use it quickly and not leave it in the freezer, ”Luedtke said.

He said everyone needs to plan ahead and know how they’re going to get the shot now, so that when the time comes, they’re prepared.

Lane Co. Public Health finally receives first batch of COVID-19 vaccine

Lane County Public Health has received its first shipment of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Spokesman Jason Davis said the 1,200 shots were already guaranteed.

“Our first doses will go to our Medicaid providers, those who serve our most at-risk populations in the community,” Davis said. “And bringing caregivers together – things like our community health centers and prison staff and other places where we have people working with a very diverse population.

Davis said county and state health officials depend on vaccine supplies, while demand everywhere is high. He added that it is difficult to predict when there will be enough to fully immunize the 26,000 health workers who work in Lane County.


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