The indescribable truth of rust – Developer Made Over $ 1 Million In One Day

Rust, the first-person survival game from Facepunch Studios, has grown in popularity after its release in 2018. Official IGN analysis notes that while Rust incorporates different elements of survival games in interesting ways, it doesn’t. ‘never reached its full potential, even after four full years of early access testing. However, players changed Rust’s narrative by reliving the game years after its release.

While games like Fortnite have amassed a huge fan base on streaming platforms like Twitch, Rust stood out for its relative anonymity during the early years of its existence. But which streamers flock to play Rust online? And who draws all these fans to Rust’s shows? Part of the answer lies in the innovative way streamers approach Rust, which involves a combination of Internet influence and interpretation.

Superficially, Rust is a survival game that places players on a server with others trying to survive like them. With limited equipment at the start of a session, players must work to survive in the jungle and, at the same time, take on others. However, much of Rust’s story doesn’t involve survival. It involves telling stories in community.

It all started with banners

While Rust has many dedicated players outside of the streaming world, the members of Offline TV have been particularly instrumental in popularizing Rust through their own dedicated server. Offline TV is a collective of streamers with nearly 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube. The group included several big names in the streaming community including Pokimane, LilyPichu and Disguised Toast, among others. Although the members of the collaborative effort have changed, the popularity of the team has not changed.

Rust’s huge success and offline TV followers in streaming have contributed to the recent surge in player numbers, according to Steam charts. Rust has a huge fan base, although it’s definitely not for everyone, and many don’t see the appeal of intense survival gaming. However, streamers often help shape what’s popular, and as of January 3, 2021, Rust had over a million viewers on Twitch. Sadly, the feed wasn’t just about celebrity streamers having fun. There was also a bit of drama, and it was all about acting.

Interpretation opportunities and survival drama

In 2014, Tech in Asia’s Iain Garner wrote about Rust as a potential RPG opportunity. The game invites players to create their own background stories and create narratives around their actions. This aspect of the game can be seen in a series of letters published by IGN, which describe two Rust players delving deeper and deeper into questions of power and control. Writing for Wired, Ryan Rigney noted that survival-focused games can fundamentally turn gamers into psychopaths, hungry for power, and engaged in acts they never would have dreamed of in real life.

Offline TV, one of Rust’s popularity leaders, announced that the team will open a PR-centric server on January 7, 2021. In a tweet announcing the plan, Offline TV member Abe Explained that the new server will have fewer streamers and more RPGs, as well as PvP opportunities. The announcement comes after Rust’s streaming fanbase felt divided over streamer xQc’s behavior on the increasingly peaceful offline TV server.

With game fans eagerly tapping into Twitch streams and anticipating more drama from Rust players, and developers continuing to update and release DLCs, the game is unlikely to be gone anytime soon.

Rust Developer Made Over $ 1 Million In One Day, Twice This Week

The surge in popularity of Rust is paying off for developer Facepunch.

Although it was released in 2013 via Early Access, the PC survival game Rust has been enjoying new life recently after several streamers have resumed playing it. This increase in attention has led to a huge increase in sales and revenue, according to Garry Newman of developer Facepunch.

Newman revealed on Twitter that Facepunch generated more than $ 1 million in gross revenue twice this week on Steam. You can see the sales table below. Now, part of this recipe may relate to another Facepunch game, Garry’s Mod, but you should imagine that most of it is from Rust.

Newman also said Rust recently doubled his player record, a record set days earlier. Steam’s public data shows Rust had over 200,000 peak concurrent players on January 8, making it one of the most popular games on Steam overall.

Although Rust first launched on Early Access in 2013, the full launch took place in 2018. Many say Rust is enjoying a style boost among us, as both games have grown in popularity dramatically after streamers. have started playing. More and more.

A console edition of Rust is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was recently postponed to 2021, but there is reason to believe it can be released sooner or later.

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