Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson hints at plan to create open protocols that could challenge Apple

IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson recently suggested a plan to create open protocols capable of challenging Apple’s supremacy in the industry.

It becomes evident that the larger a private enterprise, the more control it is controlled by centralized government. Big tech and corporations have worked over the years to dance to governments. This brings them to the point of abusing their platforms to destroy free speech.

A good and final example is the permanent suspension of President Donald Trump’s Twitter account after being accused of policy violations.

This never-ending trend recently demanded a reaction from the creator and mathematician of Cardano, who is eager to one day challenge one of these great technologies.

Charles Hoskinson reiterates his ability to challenge Apple

Charles Hoskinson reiterates his ability to challenge Apple

Reuter posted an article with a headline on Twitter that read “Apple Threatens To Remove Talking Social Networking Service From App Store”.

According to the update, Alphabet Inc’s Google on Friday, January 8, 2021 suspended the Talking social media app from its Play Store until the app adds “robust” content moderation, while Apple also sent a notice to do the same within 24 hours if he does not submit a detailed moderation plan.

It is worth noting that Talk is a social network that many supporters of President Donald Trump have migrated to after being banned from services, including Twitter Inc, which permanently suspended Trump’s account.

Considering Hoskinson’s response, he seems to be unhappy with such developments. As an expert developer, he believes he is able to challenge these undemocratic acts and restore people’s freedom of expression.

Charles Hoskinson tweeted: “Thank you, Apple, for making cryptocurrencies even bigger. Continue to abuse your platform and destroy free speech. I can’t wait to create open protocols that will eat up your lunch. ”

Hoskinson is a technology expert with many great accomplishments to his credit. He probably has a basic plan for building open protocols in addition to the current development of the project he’s overseeing.

Cardano: Hoskinson wants to build open protocols to challenge Apple

  • Charles Hoskinson of Cardano proposes to build community-controlled protocols to neutralize the “monopoly” of Apple and Google.
  • Hoskinson pointed out that the crypto industry has the tools to create protocols to overcome censorship and create a “new way” of selecting information.

As the Trump era draws to a close, Washington’s power transition has been turned upside down. The current president has given a series of speeches that have led to the suspension of his Twitter, Facebook and other important social media accounts. Subsequently, Google also removed the social network “Talk” from its platform to reproduce the alleged message of “violence” from Trump and his supporters. Apple is now threatening to do the same.

Amid this controversy, IOHK CEO and Cardano inventor Charles Hoskinson spoke out against the seemingly “monopoly” of these companies. Hoskinson believes these companies are “abusing” their power. In response to a Reuters report, Hoskinson tweeted:

According to the inventor of Cardano, companies with billions of users like Apple, which have a big influence on the economy by size, along with shareholders and government companies, cannot be treated like any other private company. Hoskinson believes that information is the “oil of the 21st century” and, therefore, the progress of the world depends on the absence of an entity that has absolute control over it.

Cryptocurrencies are an answer to people’s lack of confidence in the legacy financial system. The industry recently exceeded trillions of dollars in market capitalization. Hoskinson believes that over the next decade the industry will continue to grow due to mass adoption by people seeking to create a counterweight to the centralization of government and corporate giants.



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