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Epic Games have strict policies for their professional Fortnite league that everyone must follow. The game studio has established these guidelines to combat cheating, intellectual property theft, identity theft, and more. However, Epic Games’ policy has been criticized for its inconsistency.

Professional player NRG Ronaldo has already filed his own complaints. He pointed out a particular issue with the name of the game which has become a huge issue for him.

Epic Games denied that NRG Ronaldo used a specific name in Fortnite
NRG Ronaldo is one of the most important names in the Fortnite ecosystem. The NRG team brought him into their organization last year in August, to strengthen their roster. The pro-gamer recently took to Twitter to share his complaints about an issue with his name in the game.

The professional gamer used the name “Clixfan 69420” which Epic Games had not allowed him to use, citing identity theft. This name belongs to his famous teammate “Clix”, finalist of the World Cup.

The pro gamer took to Twitter to express his frustration with Epic Games and how it was unfairly denied. He posted a video statement on his official ID to address the situation and, at the same time, express his feelings.

“I have been told that if I really play and qualify I will either get a warning or if I received a previous warning for some reason I can’t remember. If I did, it would be even more quirky or something.

Guidelines need to be updated
The professional player pointed out a significant problem with the current guidelines and their lack of meaning. He also gave examples of what he allows and other things he prohibits, leading to an inconsistent end result.

“The rule is that the name used by a team or player must not include or use Fortnite, Epic or any other epic brand or trade name or logo owned by epic. The name used by the team or player may not be a forgery of any other team, players, streamers, celebrities, government officials, Epic employees or entity. ”

He added further. “Which doesn’t really make sense, because it means you have to banish anyone who is not in FaZe, but has a FaZe name in their name.” NRG or any other organization, any organization name that isn’t actually in the organization, that’s a representation. It’s not about embodying a brand that is a team. ”

The policy never really covers whether people are also using YouTube or Twitch on their behalf, which would directly violate the policy. The pro player also mentions the shortcomings of this in a video below.

Ronaldo also shared a tweet shortly after, stating that Epic Games had not allowed him to change his name. He has brought to light a previous incident in which he allowed Ninja to change his name, but he has the opportunity to do the same.

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